Building a Culture of Philanthropy

May 2021

Gail Perry is an experienced American fundraising expert — one of the 'gurus' in her field.  Her latest blog, quoted in full below, is about ...

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Let’s Stop Calling Development Professionals ‘Fundraisers’

February 2021

We have to stop calling development professionals fundraisers.  We must cease to be considered hired hands who do the 'dirty work' of others ...

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Measure legacy appeal activities

February 2020

I've only worked in one non-profit that had a real, live Planned Giving (legacy) Director.  I'm sure it's become a whole department since my ...

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Martyrdom in the non-profit world

April 2018

I am seeing increasingly distressed comments from American colleagues about the (also increasingly) ungodly hours they work for their non-profit ...

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