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Julian Roup’s Books

Praise for ‘Life in a Time of Plague’

“It is a wonderful account of the time of coronavirus; I especially like the reverie at the end with its sense of time regained in that Proustian way. Julian Roup has a great gift for evocation and description.” Bernard O’Donoghue, Whitbread Prize winning Irish poet, Oxford don, author of Seamus Heaney and the Language of Poetry.

“Witty, incisive, irreverent, iconoclastic.”  George Plumptre, CEO National Garden Scheme, author of The English Country House Garden and Royal Gardens of Europe

Journalist Julian Roup tells the story of his corner of rural Britain under the first 75 days of lockdown. His beautiful writing captures the way the world slowed down amid the strangeness of the new reality. The book is a snapshot of the details that make up the fabric of history – thinking back on memories of friends passed, observations on humanity and the natural world in his East Sussex valley, and of course his lovely horse Callum. Riders will appreciate how horses ­– in both reality and in our imagination – serve as an escape.” Horse & Hound

Praise for ‘Fisherman in the Saddle’

“This is story telling charged with raw emotion and always a deep appreciation for the sheer beauty and the enduring magic of nature which transcends politics, implosion of families, emigration. Horses, the author says, became ‘my nation, my friends, my identity, my medicine. When I am in the saddle I’m home.’” Robyn Cohen, The Cape Times

“Every now and then a gem of a new book lands on my desk: sometimes but rarely a diamond. This is one. I laughed. I cried. I was deeply moved. This is among the best books I have ever read about fishing, horses, growing up, the pain of maturity, leaving one’s homeland and the things that make up the richness of life.”  Dave Bristow, Getaway Magazine

“The ability of horses to help and heal is boundless. In A Fisherman in the Saddle, Julian Roup explains how he feels about horses. ‘The feeling of elation, of freedom, of excitement was indescribable. It was like being given wings and the gift of flight. I was hooked for life.’  I know the feeling, and I hope many others discover it for themselves.” Octavia Pollock, Country Life

Praise for ‘Boerejood’

“Brilliant, just terrific, really very, very good. Engaged, intelligent, personal, fast moving and funny.” Graham Watts, Financial Times, London

“A delicate exploration of a society 10 years after the end of apartheid and the onset of majority rule. Roup has no nostalgia for the old regime, but immense sadness for the embattlement of the Afrikaans language and culture.”  John Lloyd, Editor, FT Weekend Magazine

‘We would not have been so successful without Catherine’s skill in planning and executing a plan for our capital campaign. She was highly organized, had a good sense of potential donors and how to persuade them to donate. She wrote all the campaign materials, including the basic statement of the campaign, our goals statements and our literature, envelopes and pledge cards. She developed the computer system to track campaign contributions, and logged and analyzed the data herself.

‘Catherine proved herself once again as a greatly skilled and highly competent individual. She has demonstrated that she can successfully focus on and manage a single campaign or act as a consultant for a number of campaigns. She is clearly among the best in her field.’

John D. Isaacs

then-President, Council for a Livable World, Washington, DC

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