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John D. Roberts

March 2015

Catherine understands non-profit organizations and the various roles that staff, committees and the board each must play in order to execute a sound development plan. She was instrumental in orienting our Board of directors to become fundraisers. During her time at the ACLU of Massachusetts, the board moved from being just “policy wonks” to a board that understands and accepts their responsibility and role in doing personal donor solicitations with our membership … not an easy task. Her major donor campaigns were successful largely because she was able to “harness” the board.

‘Catherine also knows how to organize and execute an event. She understands computers; she knows fundraising software and how to maximize a program to give needed information.

Catherine is a strong writer. She not only wrote wonderful copy herself, but also was extremely helpful in editing copy for other staff members. She has a strong sense of design, which comes in handy to an organization that has to development invitations and other development materials on a limited budget.

‘Catherine is an extremely organized, efficient, and congenial worker, with a wonderful sense of humor and ability to meet emergencies with a cool head and sound responses. She works well under pressure and is a joy to have on a staff.’

John D. Roberts

then-Executive Director, American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts


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