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Client Testimonials

Catherine mentored me during 2020, providing specific guidance around setting up an endowment fund through major gifts.  She was supportive and encouraging throughout our time together, confirming to me the things I already knew to be true (in moments where I was doubting myself) and suggesting alternatives from her own experiences.

Catherine was generous in sharing real life examples from her own career (which spans both the UK and US) which expanded my knowledge and gave me confidence, knowing that my suggested course of action was rooted in prior experience/evidence of what works.  

I always enjoyed my calls with Catherine.  She boosted my confidence and armed me with additional knowledge which will enhance my own fundraising practice now and in future years. 

Caroline Danks


Catherine started from scratch at the Royal School of Church Music with no fundraising data or processes to speak of and applied her professionalism from top to bottom.  An early priority was to improve the credibility of our targeting of prime donors – resulting in substantial increases in large donations.  This was consolidated with a number of targeted campaigns which were noteworthy for the improvements in brand management – the messaging and the use of print.  It was reassuring to observe her wide previous experience across the range of fundraising activities, reflected in her relaxed and authoritative personal manner.

Nick Russell

Former RSCM Trustee and Brand Consultant

Catherine brought a high degree of commitment to her role as Head of Development at the Royal School of Church Music.  She really fought the organisation’s corner and believed in the cause.  By so doing, she established positive and mutually beneficial relationships with many individual donors and institutional grant makers.  Her background in fundraising in the USA was evident in the proactive and professional way she managed the Legacy programme and annual appeals in particular.  She will be a real asset to whoever has the good sense to hire her!

Patrick L. Hodson

Former RSCM Council member and fundraising consultant


‘One day I was sat in my office feeling nostalgic, so I decided to Google the Royal School of Church Music to make a donation in memory of the wonderful courses I used to attend as a child.  Imagine my surprise when I was immediately phoned back with a personal thank you from Catherine.  I was struck by her fresh approach to development and her creative ideas.   

‘She was responsible for re-engaging several of my peers — now successful in many walks of life — and boosting both the quality and the amount of giving from alumni. I owe her a huge debt of gratitude, and have always been impressed with both her energy and commitment to the RSCM.’ 

Dr Eve Poole

Ashridge Business School, RSCM alumna and former member of the RSCM Champions Group

Catherine really understands the world of fund raising, and brings a refreshing transatlantic attitude to what can sometimes be a rather British reluctance to ask people for money.  I enjoyed working with her as a grant writing consultant at the Royal School of Church Music, where she successfully established a legacy society and radically altered the organisation’s attitude to its financial support.’

Francis Rumsey

Logophon Ltd.

Catherine served as Director of Development during my tenure as Executive Director of RESPOND, Inc. She helped take a grassroots organization from an immature development program to a mature professional department.

It took her no time at all to get behind the mission of RESPOND and do a fine job representing the mission, vision and values of the organization.

‘I would re-hire Catherine in a heartbeat.’

Georgianna Melendez

then-Executive Director, RESPOND, Inc. and former Executive Director, Casa Myrna Vazquez, Inc.

‘Catherine served with distinction as Director of Development for Greenwood Music Camp during the crucial period when the Board, having taken over the reins from the founders after their 50-year leadership, decided to launch a major fund drive to build a new performance space.

‘Catherine was fully in charge of all aspects of the campaign, which, originally pegged at a few hundred thousand dollars, eventually weighed in at more than one million dollars. Perhaps more important, this was achieved without compromise to the unique history and reverence which precedes the camp in all discussions concerning it.

‘Catherine understood the tone and mission and personal importance of the camp, and the need for alumni fundraising. She has always been a self-starter, driven and persistent, good on the macro and micro aspects of fund development, and worked well with volunteers. She is respectful of her peers, subordinates, and managers; she writes well, thinks well, is systems oriented, database proficient, and cares about creating, reinforcing, and deepening relationships with donors.’

David S. Tartakoff

then-former Chair of the Board of Greenwood Music Camp and Professor of Mathematics, University of Illinois at Chicago

‘Based on a phenomenally successful capital campaign which Catherine conducted for the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation in prior years, I hired Catherine to both design and oversee an initiative to raise the level of individual donor contributions. Throughout this effort, I relied on Catherine’s extensive knowledge of board-assisted, mail and event fundraising to boost our numbers.

Catherine is not only equipped to engage in overall strategic planning for these types of campaigns, but also can implement the day-to-day requirements. Her writing style, design of mail solicitation products, understanding of databases, and ability to time the outreach for maximum gain during the calendar year is an asset that any organization would find very beneficial.’

Beth C. DeGrasse

then-Executive Director, Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation

‘During the time Catherine worked for us, she organized cultivation parties, supported personal solicitations, created our brochure and general appeals, designed plaques, and worked on final celebration events when the Capital Campaign goal was achieved.  She conducted a phonathon for the annual fund, set up our database, and established data entry, gift acknowledgement and reporting protocols. She also launched an endowment campaign with a case for support, solicitor training, and prospect identification. In addition, she set up and received initial pledges to a new planned giving [legacy] society for the Camp.

‘Throughout these multiple successful activities, Catherine has been unfailingly hard-working, creative, and cheerful. She is an effective team member in working with members of the Board’s Development Committee, making useful recommendations to inexperienced Board members, speaking up with confidence and good humor in meetings, and always presenting a broad, long-term vision for our work.

Katharine Gratwick Baker PhD

then-Chair of the Board, Greenwood Music Camp

Catherine understands non-profit organizations and the various roles that staff, committees and the board each must play in order to execute a sound development plan. She was instrumental in orienting our Board of directors to become fundraisers. During her time at the ACLU of Massachusetts, the board moved from being just “policy wonks” to a board that understands and accepts their responsibility and role in doing personal donor solicitations with our membership … not an easy task. Her major donor campaigns were successful largely because she was able to “harness” the board.

‘Catherine also knows how to organize and execute an event. She understands computers; she knows fundraising software and how to maximize a program to give needed information.

Catherine is a strong writer. She not only wrote wonderful copy herself, but also was extremely helpful in editing copy for other staff members. She has a strong sense of design, which comes in handy to an organization that has to development invitations and other development materials on a limited budget.

‘Catherine is an extremely organized, efficient, and congenial worker, with a wonderful sense of humor and ability to meet emergencies with a cool head and sound responses. She works well under pressure and is a joy to have on a staff.’

John D. Roberts

then-Executive Director, American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts



Full-time employment (from recent):

The Royal School of Church Music

Jewish Women’s Archive

YWCA Boston



American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Massachusetts

Council for a Livable World and CLW Education Fund

WalthamWeston Hospital & Medical Center

Kodaly Center of America

International Peace Education Fund

Glasgow Shelter Housing Aid Centre


Consulting positions (alphabetical):

Agitos Foundation (UK)

American Physicians Fellowship for Medicine in Israel (USA)

Arts4Dementia (UK)

British Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign (UK)

Cambridge Quest (UK)

Cicely Saunders Institute (UK)

Concordia (Austria)

Council for a Livable World/Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation (USA)

Council for a Livable World (UK)

Ecotechnics (UK/USA)

Erskine Homes (Scotland, UK)

Green India

Greenwood Music Camp (USA)

Hantam Community Education Trust (South Africa)

Hope Foundation (UK/India)

International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (UK)

International Rule of Law Project

Kinera Foundation (USA)


Michaelhouse Centre (Cambridge, UK)

The Mission to End Leprosy (Ireland)

The Network Inc./Human Media (USA)

Tobacco Free Portfolios (Australia)

The Toybox Charity (UK)

Prostate Cancer Research Centre

Scottish Rite Masons 32° Masonic Learning Centers for Children (USA)

University of the Free State (South Africa)

Waterfowl & Wetlands Trust (UK)

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust (UK)

Youth & Women for Opportunities Uganda

Current References – contact information provided upon request